The post where you get to learn another adoption acronym

The acronym of the day is...


These are not good or happy letters.They stand for "Request for Evidence" in regards to our immigration application. That would be the immigration application we need the approval for before we can complete our dossier and actually start the clock for the official waiting to bring R. and Y. home.

But wait, it gets better. Because it is a niggling thing about our home study, there is a chance that USCIS won't accept the two additional words that need to be written in and will insist that it have a brand new DCFS approval attached to it. Remember how much fun that was that last time?

Yeah, so do I, and I just want to cry.

It all has to do with fulfilling to the absolute letter the Hague requirements. That would be the convention the US signed onto with the purpose of making adoptions more ethical. It was a grand motivation, too bad it hasn't panned out. In my humble opinion all it has done is make adoption more expensive, more time consuming, and has insured that fewer children will find families. For us, it is costing our daughters even more time without a mother and father. I'm not feeling terribly generous at the moment.

Oh, Governor Rauner. Please, please, please sign that bill tomorrow.

I'm not sure which fattening substance I should drown my sorrows in first.


Hoping that they just allow the small homestudy correction!
We had an RFE. I feel your pain. I really really really hope you don't have to send your HS back to the state of Illinois! Bleh.

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