Puppies and bunnies

I promised, didn't I?

I can't quite produce a puppy, but how about a very puppy-like 2 1/2 year old Labrador named Gretel?

Do you see a bit of a theme here? There are many children in the house who think that Gretel's sole purpose it to be a large, droopy-eared doll who can be dressed up. I'm not sure she really loves it, but is very patient about the whole thing. She is getting much much better. (That would be the euphemism for getting easier to live with.) Gretel still has her areas for growth, though. Her least desirable habit is still her utter and complete conviction that the best way to get her favorite people to play with her is to stand at bark continuously at that person. We have yet to be able to communicate with her how not endearing this is. But she is maturing and is incredibly patient with all the children, so that is no small thing.

Bunnies are going to be just a little bit more difficult to produce at this time of year. If it were June, I would have no end of opportunity to walk out into my front yard and ask an entire warren of bunnies to pose for you, but they have yet to come out in large numbers. I can give you some links to past posts about bunnies, though, so all is not lost and I can fulfill my promise of cute and non-complaining posts.

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I do have one more little bit of cuteness to share with you. This is of the cute child variety and not the fluffy type. A friend of mine works with and advocates for children who need families and this little girl has been particularly on her heart. Once you watch this video, I'm sure you will see why. She really does desperately need a family to support her and love her and cheer her on. Little Grace has cerebral palsy and it doesn't affect her mind, only her limbs. For those who don't know, cerebral palsy is a static diagnosis. This means that it won't get worse, and with good treatment and therapy (and the support of a family) can get better. From cerebralpalsy.org's website: "There is evidence that children with cerebral palsy far exceed initial assessments. Children that physician's have once said would never walk have not only put one foot in front of the other, they've climbed mountains." Ask yourself, what is really important in life? What could be better than giving a hope and future to a child? Is this your daughter?

Grace also has a Reese's Rainbow account, but at the moment the amount of money donated towards her adoption is at $0. You probably know that adoption is crazy expensive. While there are reasons that it costs so much, the reasons don't make it any easier to dig up the money. Very few people have the amount of money needed lying around and must find it in other ways. Even if you are not called to adopt (and I know not everyone is), you can still do your part to give children a family by helping with the financial side. It's a sad fact that children who have grants are more likely to find homes because it does cost so much.

I'm pretty sure I haven't ventured into either critical or controversial territory. At least I don't think wanting to adopt a child is controversial, but I've been wrong before.


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