The demise of the balloon family

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 33

Last week, while I was at the stable, B. was the fun big  brother and took the littles to the store to buy balloons for M.'s birthday celebration. This was very nice of him and the littles love balloons. See? Here are some pictures from the party.

OK, not balloon-related, but this is what it took to get to '22' with the candles.

Here are the balloons. Do you see them all over?

M., L., and A.

More balloons...

These are snowmen stick puppets which L. made for M.

And more balloons. So many balloons they fly in front of the picture

Just because the party ends, does not mean balloon fun has to end. Static electricity, particularly when combined with a patient Labrador is fun, too.

I'm not sure Gretel is having a great time, though.

But that is not all. You'll notice that some of the balloons have marker on them. That is because G. and L. have used the markers to draw faces on all the balloons. They have entire balloon families. L. has taken to carrying her many balloon friends around in a large kitchen garbage bag. They have played and played and played with them. You would think I would be thrilled with all of this. I might be, except for one thing.

Balloons pop.

It is bad enough that the fun and pretty balloon pops; that can cause tears all by itself. But when you have given the balloon a name and a face and played with it and made it part of a family, then when the balloon pops, it is devastating. It is like losing a friend and the level of wailing reflects that loss. We have lost several balloon friends and I think we have only fifteen or so to go.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, as the entire balloon family bursts...

one at a time...

accompanied with great wailing.
Aside from perpetual drama with balloons, I currently have a living room full of teens, all 15 or 16 of A.'s closest friends who are here to help celebrate her birthday and watch every Lord of Rings movie made. Of course, we'll be serving pie for dessert. It is pi day after all. Here is my pie crust tutorial in case you want to celebrate, too. Pie Crust Tutorial


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