Monday, December 15, 2014

Tree Trimming 2014

We trimmed our tree yesterday. We usually have more people, but it didn't work out for most people to join us and after the past two weeks we've had it was really nice to have a low-key day. Everyone was pretty tired. 

Some things stayed the same. We had a lot of treats which people enjoyed while waiting for the lights to be put on the tree.

Once the lights were up, TM and J. worked on putting other lights up in other places.

More decorating...








H.  H-S - aka B.'s girlfriend

And still the lights are being put up. They did eventually get everything sorted out and displayed.

A funny G. story. After most of the tree was decorated and we were cleaning up and people were eating more snacks, G. took herself upstairs and crawled into bed unbeknowst to anyone. A couple of hours later, A. comes down to ask if G. didn't want to watch the Christmas movie because she was upstairs sound asleep. I had A. bring her down and she woke up to watch the end of the movie, but as you might guess, at 9:15, Cindy Lu Who comes walking into our room saying she can't sleep. It wasn't until we got B. (her very special brother) to carry her back to bed would she agree to go. I do wonder how those two survive when he is away at school.
I have a new article up: Virtual Triplets and Biological Twins Please feel free to read and share.

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