Monday, December 16, 2013

Tree trimming party 2013

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. We had pageant rehearsal, parties, tree-buying, and tree decorating. And the tree trimming around here is one of our major events of the season, so it made for a fun, if tiring weekend. Plus, our college-aged people were done with school and they have joined us again. Hooray! This is what B. looked like for the first hour or so of his arrival.

G. and L. and K. didn't really want to let him out of their sight, much less arms. B. did admit that they are getting a little too big for even him to carry them around like this for very long. Happy girls, happy boys.

Yesterday afternoon was our tree trimming party, complete with many treats that we don't normally indulge in.

M. holding the traditional Christmas pickle.

(A child was wielding the camera... so you have to overlook the blurriness.)

And since it is rare for my house to look all picked-up and orderly, I thought I would take advantage of it and document that fact.

The tree.

Looking toward the front living room. That blur would be K.

15 stockings

Back living room fireplace

Front hall fireplace

Front stairs

Now, one of the joys of older children is that they are just fun to have around. As well as M. and B., we were joined by one of M.'s roommates (who needs a place to land for a few days until she can get home) and M.'s boyfriend. We also had a selection of coats which were going begging and I asked the girls if any of them wanted to take one (or all). The next thing I know, B. has decided to become a catalogue model.

Not to be outdone, he was joined by the others. I spend much time laughing when my older children are around.

Now that my house is all decorated, perhaps I will be motivated to tackle my to-do list. I have been remarkably laid back about the whole thing, but that doesn't help one make a lot of progress. And I may scratch Christmas cards off my list this year because I meant to get a family picture yesterday, but we were having too much fun to stop and bother with it. Oh well.
Two other unrelated things. First, I have a new article up, Advent and Homeschooling. Take a look. Second, if any of you remember me advocating for Joseph who was at Shepherd's Field with H., please pray for him. He has been home with his family for about a year, and just a couple of days ago underwent open heart surgery. He is not doing well. They are concerned about brain damage, oxygen levels, and the heart may even be failing. Please pray for him and his family.


Owlhaven said...

Looks great! What a lovely staircase you have!

Shonya said...

Ha! The coat modeling is my favorite part. :)

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