A gentle reminder to begin planning for the rest of the year

It's the end of October which means at any second now, life will feel as though someone hit the fast forward button and it won't be until the middle of January that I'm able to catch my breath. In order to contain and conquer some of the season's worst excesses. To that end, I am starting to make lists and am also going to sort through all of our winter wear. Due to general nuttiness around here, this is something that never happened last year. As a result, people would go to the basement and grabbed whatever they could find. They were warm, but things are fairly topsy-turvy.

Since I will be busy doing that, I'm going to send you to other posts that I have written about getting organized for the upcoming season. I'm also going to link to posts where I have shown various things I've made for Christmas gifts to get you thinking and give you some ideas.

First about getting prepared. You can read the long version: Advance planning: get a cup of tea, this is the long version, or you can read the shorter one: Advance planning: the short version. Here is another post about a variety of things that need to be thought about: Lists, lists, lists.

Next, here are the crafty posts: Homemade gifts; Crafty Christmas gift ideas; The goods; and a tutorial for a miniature braided wreath.

Happy reading... I'm off to the basement to spend quality time with outerwear.


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