The goods

I can finally share with you what I was so busy sewing before Christmas. Since my children all read this blog, I couldn't show you before hand. First, we have sleeping bags for A. and P.'s American Girl dolls:

Next are two play mats I made for TM and D. TM's is a farm background and D.'s is a forest. To store, they fold into quarters and are secured with a strap and button so they can hang on a hook in the closet. TM and D received some appropriate plastic animals as well.

Finally, I made a set of felt food for K. The set includes bread, donuts, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, fried eggs, and whole eggs. These were so easy and fun to make; I think I may be making him even more in the future. He could also use some cheese slices, and cookies, and ravioli, and....

And because no post is complete without baby pictures, here are the girls in some cute matching overalls sent by their grammy (G. is on left and L. is on right):


Ann said…
Martha Stewart! You amaze me--even if you tell me not to be amazed. All the projects are wonderful!
The Coys said…
Wow - I love the play good and the placemats are amazing! You must quilt too. - Shila's sister
asian~treasures said…
Love the food!! My mom made a few things for Adria for Christmas & she's had so much fun cooking!! I'll have to try some felt food for her.


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