A wee bit obsessed with Burda 9614

Remember the t-shirts I made G. and L. with Superman and a panda embroidered on them? Well, I was so pleased with how they turned out that I decided to make another version of it with long sleeves. (The little girls are growing through their clothes and are in dire need of things that actually fit.) So I dug out my embarrassingly large stash of knit fabric and made this. (There are actually two of them, but L. took hers somewhere and I haven't found it yer.) 

Cute, huh? I love the fabric. But then they needed pants, so I tried making some leggings to match. I see a lot of leggings in their future because I was able to make two pairs, from tracing the pattern to the final hem in one afternoon.

And I'm a little proud of them. They look as good as the leggings I recently bought for the girls at the store, but with the fabric I already had, they were cheaper.

Well, then I was on a roll and I had yet more knit fabric, so I decided to try a different version. This one has a hood and contrasting long sleeves. The pink version is G.'s and she loves it. I have a red striped one cut out for L., I just need to find some time to make it.

G. particularly loves the hood.

Lastly, because everyone needs a Monday morning laugh, look at this most excellent photo bombing that L. managed. A. was taking a picture of G. and when she looked at it afterwards discovered a crazed L. in the background.


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