Monday, August 12, 2013

Making stuff makes me happy

Somehow or other I ended up with quite of bit of time this weekend and was able to make G. and L. a pair of t-shirts. Creating things really does help to relax me and put me in a healthy frame of mind. I truly believe that people were meant to create, in whatever form that takes, and it is in this way that we show how we are made in the likeness of God, the ultimate creator.

Besides, who cannot help but be happy when you see four big spools of this color of blue on your serger?

It also makes you especially happy when, after a good chunk of time, you finally feel as though you have truly figured out how to thread that serger. Plus, being able to change the thread on the serger allows one to make a couple cute t-shirts in the same pretty blue. (These are from Burda 9614)

Oh, how I love my embroidery machine (and my parents for giving it to me several years ago). Because then I can make these...

a panda for G....

and Superman for L.

It felt as though it was a educational experience, for not only did I finally overcome my fear of threading the serger, I also figured out how to use a double needle on my sewing machine so I could do neck edges like this.

Or sleeves like this.

J. gave me the nicest comment when I showed him the finished t-shirts last night, "It looks like something you would buy in a store." Music to my ears.

And the girls pretty much love them. It was pretty difficult to choose whether to show the photo of the nice smiles, but with hair in the face,

or no hair in the face, but extremely goofy smiles. So you get both. It probably won't surprise you that G. and L. getting dressed this morning was quick and drama-free. If only I could give them new t-shirts every morning.

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...


I made a t-shirt a couple days ago, but I've been waiting to show it until I could finish the bloomers to match, and, well, that hasn't happened yet...

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