And he's off

Yesterday was the big day when B. moved into the dorm to start his freshman year of college. It was a little tricky to figure out how we were going to make the logistics work. We finally decided that B. would say good-bye to H., K., G., and L. at the house and then HG would take all the little people to the park. The older children would then come to school and see B.'s dorm room and help move him in. My job was to be supportive and not blubber to an embarrassing amount.

First the good-byes at home. H. and K. didn't want B. to go, but were OK with saying good-bye and having a picture.

H. and B.

K. and B.

And then it was time for B. to say good-bye to L. and G. These were two sad little girls. L. coped by clutching an old balloon and B. had to scoop her up for a picture because she was NOT going to cooperate. That was a bit sad.

But not as sad as when it was time to say good-bye to G. When he called her over to have her picture taken, she burst into tears grabbed onto his leg and wouldn't let him go. This is the very sad picture I took while everyone in the room was doing a bit more sniffing than usual. Poor thing.

We all then loaded into the van and drove to school. The room is pretty big as far as dorm rooms go and had some cool modular furniture that allowed it to be easily rearranged. This is B. and his roommate working out where things were going to go.

Once B. got as unpacked as he was willing to be with all the "help" that was in the room it was time for a family picture. J. wasn't in the room helping because the trouble with your father also working at the same university you attend is that he has a lot of things he needs to get done as well, so he met us for various parts of the day and then went back and tried to get some work done in between.

B. and the older children move-in crew

B. and H. H-S (This post will explain the H-S family for those who are new.)

By this time we were all hungry, so we went to collect J. and went across the street to find some food. With a smaller group of children in tow, it makes buying lunch just a little easier. It seemed like an 'occasion' so we sprang for some smoothies.

Some children opted for bubbles (tapioca balls) in theirs. They were a bit surprising at first.

After lunch it was really time to say good-bye. Since we had some nice pictures of me and J. with M. two years ago, I wanted to get a few with B. He's a funny guy, we'll miss having him around all the time.

We did get one serious one. I can't believe he's 18 and off to college. I'm caught between being so proud of the wonderful young man he has become and wishing, wishing, wishing I had a few more years with the little boy he was. Being a parent is both wonderful and gut-wrenching all at the same time.


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