Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All moved in

This morning we all got up bright and early and drove M. down to her new college campus and moved her into her dorm room.  A momentous occasion for both child and parents.  (How on earth are we old enough to have a daughter in college?  Didn't I just leave my 20's?) 

Here's the whole crew inside M.'s dorm room:

Evidently, M. is the only college freshman who has so many younger brothers and sisters.  Or she was the only one crazy enough to bring them along.  Either way, ours were about the only young children around.  I figured we were doing M. and her roommate a public service, because after you've had 10 extra people in your room, even the smallest of dorm rooms feels roomy.

Since it was a little chaotic with the three littles, J. took the boys and little girls to find some food.  (Even though it was only 10:30am... I said we woke up early.)  A. and P. stayed with me and M. and helped unpack M.'s things.  We did pretty well and got everything unpacked and stowed away.  Whether M. will ever find everything after our help is still up in the air, but it all has a spot at the moment.  Here's my girl in her newly organized room:

We the joined the boys for a little lunch which we ate outside while the littles ran up and around these stairs over and over and over...

I brought everyone home to rest while M. goes to various orientations and J. heads to his office to try to do some work.  I will return with everyone so we can eat at the welcome picnic together and then it's officially good-bye.  But just for a while.


Kristin Mueller said...

I'm curious...especially with the blog about M. being socialized to an adult world and not in the mindset that her "life is beginning" she rooming with someone she knows? (and is at a similar maturity level?) Or is she getting to know a new roommate? either way, I remember that the right college roommate can make a good experience even better. I'll be praying for a wonderful year for M!

thecurryseven said...

Kristin, No M. didn't know her roommate, though they connected on fb once they were assigned and met each other once before move-in. I think it will be a good roommate match, not likely to be best friends but not incompatable, either. The roommate is also academically focused and has more 8am classes than M. which leads me to my conclusion.

Also, M. has run into several people that she met last year on campus and actually feels more of an affinity for this group. One particularly outgoing sophomore who knew M. from last year seems to have taken her under her wing.


Kristin Mueller said...

That's wonderful! Sounds like a good roommate match and a good group of friends already developing. I do love how in college, age and class year start to become less of a divider than they are when you are younger. You just hang out with people because you like who they are and who they encourage you to become.

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