Crazy for Kids in the Big Ugly House

Last night we hosted Ann from Crazy for Kids and (some) of her children for the night as one of their stops on their mondo adventure across a good portion of the US. Ann and I had met before and became real friends instead of virtual friends a couple of years ago. Then, because we live too far away to really easily see each other in our home country, we had great plans to see each other when we were both in China. We overlapped for approximately 12 hours, and we were even in the same hotel, but due to various inconveniences, we didn't get to see each other.

So it was wonderful that they could stop here on their road trip. Plus, our (most) of our children got to meet each other. After a little of the usual reticence, they all hit it off famously and everyone wished the visit could have been longer. I am a little tired today, though, because Ann and I stayed up too late talking. It was worth it.

Some pictures.

Ann and I

Vu and D. (These boys met the last time Ann was in town and have been pen pals ever since.)

Our mutual sets of virtual twins, Vu, D., Patrick, and TM. Vu is also from Vietnam.

There was a lot of picture taking going on. I couldn't resist taking a picture of Ann taking a picture.

H. and MeiMei. These are the two girls who should've been able to meet in China in March.

All of Ann's crew and some of mine. Please note the sight-seeing flamingo who visited as well.

It was a great visit, and I suppose the next time we see each other it's really our turn to go to them. Happy travels on your way home, Ann!


LawMommy said…
It looks like you had a great time.

This reminds me of two things I've been meaning to tell you:

1. I went to write a thank you Note to my husband's aunt the other night, and in the box of thank you notes is a note addressed and written to you, thanking you for having us for dinner when we in Chicago in the, that was either a monumental failure on my part in terms of etiquette, or I decided I wanted a prettier card. I'm really hoping I decided I wanted a prettier card and sent something else, but I'm not holding my breath. Sigh. I'm really terribly sorry if I didn't. It was lovely that you had us to dinner.

2. I overheard my daughter telling her cousin that her "brother from Vietnam" lives with "nine brothers and sisters" in "a big giant house in Chicago" and that he "rides on the subway all the time." Um. I had to explain to her that TM was not her brother. It was very odd. I think she has it straight now. Maybe. I hope. I actually didn't touch on the riding the subway part...because truthfully, in that statement, the riding on the subway all the time is probably the least concerning.
Ann said…
Thank you E. for a marvelous time! I loved our late night chat even tho I stayed up way too late. I especially love seeing your kids interact with mine--lovely, lovely--Mei Mei is looking forward to being a penpal with H. PS the chalupas were fantastic!!!
Anonymous said…
Everyone loves it when people come together and share
views. Great blog, stick with it!

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