Real friends

This past weekend was our Vietnamese adoptive families reunion.  I now have a whole lot more real friends, as opposed to the virtual friends I had before.  The weekend was wonderful, getting to meet with people who I've only had contact with through the internet.  It was quite a busy weekend, too.  There was dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant:

We also joined everyone at the zoo.  Well, the children and I did.  J. drove around (and around and around) the area looking for parking because the parking was closed because of a fund-raiser that was going to be held at the zoo in the evening.

Here's B. with the babies, though it was perhaps not the highlight of his life.

And here I am with a couple of friends, adoptive moms, and fellow bloggers:  Ann of Crazy for Kids, me, and Annette of Taco, Sushi, and Pho.  (Ann is also my long-distance book club buddy.)  After the zoo, everyone came to our house to have Chicago stuffed pizza.  I am happy to report we had more than enough pizza.  I was a little nervous about how to order for 32 people.

It was a great weekend.  Our house guests were wonderful and we enjoyed our time with them.  D. and TM had a great time as we had an extra almost 6 year old boy and a 7 year old boy added to the mix.  The 3 year old daughter of one of the families doted on the babies.  Promises of being penpals abounded. 

It does leave me with one small problem.  You know how we always tell our children about being careful on the Internet and not to meet people you meet on the Internet?  I think I'm not setting a very good example when I invite Internet friends to stay at my house for several nights.  It probably does not make me the poster child for Internet safety.


Carol said…
Thanks for posting so quickly! I couldn't wait to hear about the weekend. As for meeting internet friends, I think you all had an even bigger bond that compelled you to invite them to your home, your wonderful children! Hopefully we'll be able to attend the next reunion!

Trisha said…
Hey, I recognize one of those gorgeous ladies! Glad you had a fun time. I wondered if she was going to visit you. Fun!
asian~treasures said…
We had a marvelous time! And, thanks again SO much for your hospitality.

Yesterday afternoon, after she woke from her nap, HoneyGirl kept asking what G & L were doing. She's ready to feed them again. : )
Our Family said…
E - you and J are the hosts with the most!! And, you live a in a big beautiful house, filled with love and laughter. We had a fabulous time at your home. It was the perfect setting and the kids all had a blast. Lily and Hunter are still talking about A. K. stole my heart showing me his clothes in his drawers as part of his house tour. You have felt like a trusted friend for so long. It was incredible to finally meet in person. Thank you for opening up your home so that we could all get to know each other better. Love, Mary Li
Ann said…
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality! And yes, it is very fun to know we are real, real, real friends now--not just cyberspace imaginary friends! And it was fun to see our little boys connect.
As far as connecting with internet friends, I think we can tell our kids it is okay if the people have adopted, which means they have been fingerprinted and background checked forty-two-million times! LOL!
You have a beautiful family and it was delightful to get to spend time with all of you!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pictures, E! I SO wish I could have made the trip. Hopefully it will not be just a one time event.
thecurryseven said…
Thanks everyone. It was truly our pleasure to be able to hose. And Gerrie, I wish you could have made it. It would have been so good to see you again and TM could have used another pal from Danang. He was the only one from that province there.


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