That will be 12 inches off the top, please

Yesterday, I took P. to get her hair cut so that she could donate her ponytail to Locks of Love.  This was a little traumatic for her parents, since she has only had her hair trimmed a little bit... ever.  But she has been rather persistent in wanting her hair cut, so I bit the bullet and we went.

Here is the result:

I think it's cute and not too short and P. is very happy with it.  She loves how much easier it is to comb.  The stylist was amazed at how long her hair was and the fact she could cut off 12 inches and still have it be below her shoulders.

Now I need to send in the ponytail.  There is a small part of me that wants to just keep it, but that would be a bit pathological so I won't.  Plus, the ponytail all by itself is kind of creeping some members of my family out and they would rather it not be around.  I agree that looking at it sitting there is a little off-putting.  Why is that?  Curious, isn't it.


Anonymous said…
She looks great! The length is nice on her and if she is like my girls, it grows fast.
Kim Crawford
LawMommy said…
Oh, she looks beautiful. :-)
Anonymous said…
From someone who has had a child go through Chemo and seen first hand the benefits of donating to Locks of Love, I thank you. Your daughter has done a wonderful selfless thing for someone who will cherish that gift!!
Ann said…
Tell P THANK YOU!!! And she looks beautiful in her still long hair.

When Joe had chemo and lost his hair, he joked about it a lot, but it was the most terrible aspect of chemo for him :-( And he was really, really sick--but he missed his beautiful hair. So, thank you P. because you will be making another person's challenge much easier to bear. Bless you!

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