First haircut

You're probably wondering who got their first haircut. I've shown you pictures of the three youngest sporting new haircuts and the babies aren't here yet, so who does that leave? Well, acutually, P. , at 8 1/2 years old has never had her haircut. She has such pretty long, blond hair there never seemed to be a point, plus I have a preference for long hair on girls. But, I have become aware that the ends were getting a little scraggly (or as my grandmother would have said, "Stringy"). It would look a lot better with everything evened up.

So, here is the before shot. You can't really tell from the picture, but her longest hair goes all the way to the end of her t-shirt. She could actually sit on it.

And here is the after picture. The longest piece I cut off was probably 3 inches, but most was shorter because the ends were very uneven. It is a little sad to think I was cutting off some of her baby hair. (And yes, I did save some in an envelope.)

A. also had her hair trimmed, but I didn't feel the need to document it. She had her first haircut at the age of two when she cut off one of her ponytails. I probably wouldn't have cut hers for a long time either but for that.


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