Saturday, July 16, 2011


J. arrived home last night after having been gone for a week.  He is starting a doctoral program and it requires students to be on campus for a week each summer for classes.  We are all thrilled to have him home again.  The week went well while he was gone, though probably his absence was a contributing factor to my less-than-wonderful day last week. 

So, while we enjoy time as a family today, I leave you with some funny pictures of G. and L.  Their newest love is to wear swim goggles... just because.  I should really put their hair into Cindy Lu Who pigtails because it would add to the insect look.  G. is in the pink shirt and L. is in the yellow.

And I have a self-serving request... click on over to my article on family road trips.  The more clicks it gets, the more likely it will end up in the print edition of the magazine and the more likely the editors will want to hire me to write more stories for them.  Pretty please?

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