Practicing what I preach

So how's the smiling-thing going for everyone?  I have to admit I've had more successful days than today.   It is so easy to let immediate and physical circumstances dictate my mood.  So, I'm going to take a mental break here while I write this out and then at the end perhaps I will have the gumption to slap a smile on my face and see if I can salvage the day.

To begin, my alarm didn't go off, but thankfully, M. woke me up as she was walking out the door to her job so that I could throw some clothes on before I needed to get in the car to drop someone off.  But it meant that I didn't get that half hour to sit alone with my coffee and prepare for the day as I had planned.  Then, before I had even gotten dressed, a huge storm blew in and our power went out.  Again.  I had to spend some time collecting candles and giving instruction before I could get dressed and leave.  The night before, I had announced a new summer schedule because I was sensing that the masses needed just a bit more direction than they had been having.  But this morning I also realized that I had scheduled a planning meeting at church for the children's choir program which meant we were off to a terrific start of not following the new schedule.

And it is hot today.  I don't like to be hot.  Really don't like it.  And the van currently doesn't have air conditioning, so when I had to get back in it to drive M. somewhere, there was no respite from the heat.  M. usually takes the train, but when she got to the station, there was an announcement that her train would be 85 minutes late due to branches on the tracks.

I am grateful that the power came back on an hour or so ago.  I really am.  But in the interim, I got a bit too overheated and was feeling lousy, the children are either crabby or manic depending on how too much free time and a change of schedule affects them, and because we didn't really get to the new schedule, the house looks like the 7 (9?) dwarfs lived her before Snow White arrived on the scene.

Since the likelihood of Snow White showing up and cleaning the house is very unlikely (and she would probably just annoy me in my current mood... what with her chirpy singing and all), I'm going to stop my grousing and be the grown-up and see what I can do to salvage the rest of the day.  I guess it's time to dust off Pollyanna's glad game.  I will start by taking my two cute 2 year olds upstairs where I will change some diapers, and be glad I have two girls who are still young enough to need diapers and that I am physically able to change them.  Then I will gather the troops, put on some music and we will put the house to rights, making things more pleasant for all.  Lastly, I will heat up all the leftover Chinese food we were blessed with and enjoy having a meal that I don't have to cook.

I will do all these things just as soon as I stop G. and L. from emptying the tissue box and unrolling the paper towel roll in their efforts to clean up the water they spilled all over the kitchen floor.  I'm smiling.  Really.


JBC said…
Ah, my love, I wish I was with you! I know it wasn't a fabulous day, but even a less-than-fabulous day with you is better than any other day anywhere else.

MRK said…
Ok, I was all set to leave a supportive comment on your post, and then I read the omment already left on your post, and I don't think that there is anything I could say that could surpass that most important and FABULOUS kind of support. Glad he is home again. Smile.


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