Funny story

You know we've had some problems with raccoons in the past.  With the new roof and extensive hole patching, we are hopeful we have finally solved the problem.  (I almost hate to write that, for fear it might not come true.)  We haven't heard any unwelcome noises for a while now, but are still just a little bit jumpy about noises overhead.  Which goes a long way in explaining this morning.

Many of the children have been at our church's VBS this week and I have been home with just P. and the two little girls.  P. has been helping me sort out the third floor, so we set the pen up in the room with us and G. and L. have been coloring (or throwing the crayons out of the pen, depending on their mood) while we work.  At one point this morning, I went downstairs to go to the bathroom.  After I shut the door, I start hearing noises above me.  This is so. not. good.  It is the same place where we had been hearing raccoons and I was not pleased to be hearing noises again.  The noises were a little different than I was used to, so I started to listen a little more carefully to see if I could figure out what was going on.  (All the while dreading having to tell J. what I had heard.)  So there I am, listening very intently to the noises to see where the d~ raccoons are heading when... not only did the raccoons make their usually scuttling noises, they started to talk.

This startled me.  This startled me so much that I didn't immediately grasp what was happening.  And then it dawned on me.  It wasn't raccoons in my ceiling that I was hearing, but toddlers in their pen on the floor above.  Yes, the pen had been set-up directly over the bathroom.  I was so happy to realize that we had toddlers and not raccoons.


JBC said…
Though, frankly, toddlers are just as hard to get out of the walls as raccoons. And you need bigger traps with different bait.

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