Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Time for toddlers

(Here's the giveaway.)

I know that if I go too long without pictures of the girls that I start to get complaints.  Here is this week's installlment.  We helped celebrate a friend's birthday over the weekend and the children all came home with balloons.  G. and L. love them.  G. is in pink and L. is in yellow.

We also had a friend drop by a couple bags of clothes for the girls.  It was much appreciated since the items in their dresser were starting to get a bit small.  A. had a wonderful time sorting them and picking out outfits for her sisters to wear.  Here are the girls sporting their new clothes.  G. is in black tights and L. is in white.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Thank God for hand me down clothes:)
My only question is: Did you have to put the girls in their tot yard to catch their picture?:)
Kim Crawford
Can't wait to see you next week!

thecurryseven said...

Sometimes the pen is a pen, but more often it is along gate to keep G. and L. in the kitchen. They rarely get to leave the kitchen because that is where I spend most of my time and are very excited to explore other parts of the house. So, yes, they are in the pen.


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