Have you heard of the Schoolhouse Expo?  It is an online homeschool conference put on by The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  I was contacted by them and was offered a giveaway prize if I would help publicize the event.  So I hopped on over to the list of speakers and topics to see what they were up to.  There are some great speakers scheduled, many of whom I've heard in person and from whom I've learned quite a bit.

I love homeschooling conferences.  I love listening to great speakers and picking up useful tips.  I love browsing the vendor fairs and seeing new products.  I do not love the money I end up spending because of both the conference fee and what I end up buying.  This is a way to get the things I love about conferences and avoid that little pitfall of spending too much money.

Until February 9, there is a sale on the conference.  For $19.50, you can listen to the entire conference, get a bunch of bonus freebies, and MP3's of the whole shebang.  It's a deal.

Now to the giveaway.  I can offer one free "Expo-to-go" MP3 download from the conference to one winner.  Ever wanted to hear Dianne Craft speak about brain functioning?  Or Susan Wise Bauer?  Now's your chance.  All you have to do is leave a comment.  (Please, please be sure to leave a way to contact you!)  You don't even have to be a homeschooler... just interested.  I'll keep it open through Feb. 9 and draw the winner on the 10th.  Bon chance!

*** Edited to add:  I was a little confused at to what year's conference the MP3 would be from.  It will be from the 2010 conference last year.  Sorry for any confusion!***


Anonymous said…
Oh I would love to hear Susan Bauer! Love her books!

How cool about the Expo!

Shonya said…
I've been enjoying perusing your blog this morning after reading your post featured on weird unsocialized homeschooler. I've enjoyed "getting to know" you and connect with many of your blog topics. Looking forward to reading more, and perhaps even attending a cyber homeschool conference! :)
MamaPPod said…
OK - you know me, and you know how much I would love this!! Here's hoping a prize awaits me when I return to the snowy north :-)

Anonymous said…
Sounds so fun! I agree about Susan Bauer . . . after four years of reading her books aloud to various children, it would be fun to hear her very own voice!
Jamey... said…
This sounds great to me! I have three preschoolers!

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