Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Homeschool Resource Day - Link Up - Big Book of Books

We've been spending a lot of time working on our lap books about planets.  Consequently, we've been spending time making many little books to go in the lap books and I've been spending a lot of time perusing Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books.  I always forget how much is in this book and I'm always inspired after looking through it.  It is filled with ideas for making little books and stands and manipulatives for learning.  See the mobile in the picture at the top?  It's difficult to see, but it is a mobile of the solar system that A. decided to make after flipping through the Dinah Zike's book.  (She has started a Great Courses DVD series on astronomy and so this project also fits in with that.)  It's not written specifically for lap books, but it contains great ideas which are easily transferable to lap books... or not if lap booking is not your thing. 

One of the things I've always loved in it are the directions for making a miniature bookcase filled with miniature books.  I'm thinking that perhaps as we move into our study of the South Pacific, we'll document our learning by making a collection of miniature books about each topic.  Since I have found that making the small books and folders is time consuming and that lap books go together more easily if they are made ahead of time (I still have the children make them, though), I think perhaps we'll spend some time making a bunch of little books and then fill them in as we go.

If you haven't seen this book I highly recommend it, though it isn't always easy to find.  It continues to be one of those resources I go back to over and over again.

Now it's your turn to share a resource. Here are the rules:

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