Thursday Homeschool Resource Day - Link up - Babybug

First off, both my commenters on yesterday's post were correct and can claim bragging rights.  "Wumpy flappy" is from Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems.  "Wumpy flappy" is what Trixie says to her father when she discovers that her rabbit, Knuffle Bunny, is lost.  (She follows it up wuth "snurp" if your curious where that came from.)  Anyway "wumpy flappy" is now our family's code for I'm upset and no one is understanding me.  Plus it's just fun to say.

Now on to this week's resource, this time for the youngest children.  Are you familiar with the Cricket Magazine Group?  They have many different magazines for all ages which are well-done and advertising free.  We have subscribed to many of them over the years, but today I want to focus on Babybug magazine.  This came to mind as I was reading an issue to G. and L.  They love these magazines.  They are on heavy cardstock so they can withstand some pretty heavy use and are beautifully illustrated. Each issue is filled with short, age-appropriate stories, poems, and nursery rhymes.  We have collected quite a set of these little magazines and G. and L. spend a lot of time looking at them.  They are a great resource for encouraging an early love of books and stories.  (No, I'm not getting anything for this... I just really like them.)

Now it's your turn to share a resource.  Here are the rules:

1. Post about a resource (book, movie, CD, website, etc.) that you have found useful in teaching your children. You can also post directions for a learning activity that you have done with your children. The content of your blog must be family-friendly.

2. Link your post (use the permalink, not your blog's homepage) below.

3. Link back to this blog somewhere in your post so others can see everyone's great resources. You can use this button if you like.

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