Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Homeschool Resource Day - Link Up - Band of Brothers

When my children were much younger, I went to my homeschool support group's resource night and remember hearing one mother, whose children were several years older than mine, say that Band of Brothers had been her best resource all year.  My first thought was to write it off as something that I wasn't interested in and therefore my children wouldn't be interested in it.  My second thought was that it was an odd sort of resource to suggest. 

Well, I'm here to eat crow.  For B., Band of Brothers is turning out to be our best resource of the year.  He read it as an assignment for his 20th century literature class and has become consumed with it.  After he finished the book, he immediately looked up other things that Stephen Ambrose has written and put them on reserve at the library, he added the movie (and several others) to the Netflix queue, and photocopied the bibliography so he could work on finding the books which were on it so he could read them.  If you know me, you'll recognize the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... I'm so proud.  Right now he is reading a biography of Eisenhower and another book on D-Day.  I'm sure he knows far more about World War II now than I do.  For instance...

Tuesday (the 7th), as he and I were cleaning around the washing machine so the repair man didn't have to wallow in our filth, I thought it would be amusing, since he is immersed in WWII to wish him a happy D-Day.  (Yeah, I know.  Just keep reading. Evidently seeing all the D-Day books lying about my house has addled my brain.)  So I do.


B., "OK."  Another pause.  "Why?"

So I start going on about how it's the anniversary of the day that the Japanese... bombed... Pearl... "Oh.  I mean Pearl Harbor Day."


B., "D-Day is June 6."  And he goes back to the cleaning he is helping me with.  Clearly he knows more than I do.

Now it's your turn. What are your great learning resources to share this week?

Here are the rules:
1. Post about a resource (book, movie, CD, website, etc.) that you have found useful in teaching your children. You can also post directions for a learning activity that you have done with your children. The content of your blog must be family-friendly.
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Cari said...

I completely understand your take on Band of Brothers. My son is in the same boat!

Anonymous said...

I am immersed in Richard J Maybury's books, including the "WWII and what it means for you today"
I think every American should read his books!

comemorning said...

this made me chuckle. :)
emily b

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