Friday, November 19, 2010

Charlotte's Web

I know, another post on my children's theatrical endeavors.  But, this is my life right now.  Well, that and driving.  Here are some of the rehearsal photos from Charlotte's Web

TM, as the Gander, P6 as the Goose and P9 as Wilbur the Pig.  Three of the P family children are in the show as well.

Wilbur with D. as Lurvey, the hired hand.  Those black plastic bags are hay bales which are covered for protection until the actual show.

And  P. as the Lamb.  (Notice the ears on her mob cap.)  Tonight is opening night and everyone is very excited and perhaps a bit tired.  I'm sure they will perk up again as it gets closer to curtain.  J. and I will once again be tag-teaming with our attendence.  The baby girls just would not be good audience members at this point in their lives, so they are not invited and will be staying home.  K. is thrilled that he is old enough to go to the actual night performance and not just the last dress rehearsal.

All the Thin Ice Theater shows have a concession stand during intermission with treats provided by parents.  It's a great way to add a little income toward the running of the company.  One of M.'s friends stayed with us part of the week while her family was out-of-town and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for them to try their hand at some cupcakes they had been wanting to make out of the Hello Cupcake! book.  (Plus, then I would have something to offer for the concession table.)

So I bought them their supplies and they stayed up far too late on Wednesday night and created these:

Pretty spectacular, huh?  It seems a shame to eat them.  To make them even better the actual cupcake is not made from some dry store mix stuff, they used our chocolate mayonnaise cake recipe.  So not only do they look pretty cool, they'll taste good as well.

Come to the show, see the costumes, eat the cupcakes!

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