Friday, January 01, 2010

Sometimes my children humble me

I have mentioned before how we don't accept teenage behavior in our home. You know, the self-centered, inward-focused type of behavior that all too often typifies the American teenager. The trouble with this policy is that sometimes it has unintended consequences. One of which being when the adult ends up looking like the teenager and vice versa.

I discovered this when I compared my New Year's Day plans with those of M. and B.'s. My plans consisted of sleeping in, relaxing, maybe doing some fun sewing, nursing babies, and cooking the New Year's beans. All in all not a terribly taxing day and certainly focused on things that benefit me. Now shall I share what M. and B. (and our 17 yo house guest) are currently doing? They have gone over to the P Family's home where they are joining P17 (originator of the idea) and P15 in making bag lunches. (They are all using their own funds to supply the food.) Then they are hopping on the El' and heading downtown to distribute the lunches to people who look as though they could use a meal. And while this sounds incredibly generous, when I tell you that the weather in the windy city is currently a balmy 18 degrees, the whole plan becomes positively sacrificial. I feel like a slug.

I can't think of a better way to start out 2010 than to see this kind of fruit of their faith being evidenced in my children. I hope I can live up to their example.

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His Hands His Feet Today said...

That's awesome!!! We look forward to being M's prayer partner and was humbled to be asked :)

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