Never say never... or distracted by ducklings

So, you remember last year when we brooded chicks and ducks inside the house and I said I would never do that again? Well...

Yes, what you are seeing is our new stock tank, for future use in a pasture, temporarily turned into a duckling brooder. (Hat tip to M. and TM who created the brooder while I was gone picking up the birds. It looks very predator-proof as well as having an eye towards containing the inevitable watery messiness that ducklings create.) The ducklings, who we thought were arriving tomorrow morning, arrived a day early. I spent the morning, like so much of this past week, scrambling to get things ready.

A friend and I joined forces and ordered our baby birds together. She ordered goslings and we ordered ducklings. When I went to pick them up from her house, her goslings were most annoyed and disturbed that their travel companions had disappeared. Evidently they complained about it for a good long time. (If you want to see her gosling pictures, head to her blog, Wholesome Day.)

But you want duckling pictures. They are so cute!

Once the weather looks as though it will say above the single digits and these birds get a few real feathers on them, out to the barn they go. But really, there is nothing much cuter than one day old ducklings.


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