By the skin of my teeth

We essentially took last week off due to the weather and J. being home. You would think that I would feel right on top of things this week as a result. You would be wrong. Instead I feel as though I have been playing catch-up for the last three days, and just cannot get ahead. I am doing the bare essentials at the last minute while ten other things that also need to be done pile up. I do not usually operate like this and I do not like it. In fact, it makes me crabby and irritable. I think in one more day I can get life back on track and stop operating in emergency mode.

Celebrating Tet and Chinese New Year was one of those things that I was prepping for at the last minute. I knew it was coming, but just didn't get things organized early enough. Last year we kind of skipped the whole thing. I blamed the move. I didn't think I could get away with that excuse this year. But, with J.'s help, pull it off we did, at least in a minor way.

We had decorations:

And I made a new table runner. Do you see this fabric? It has all of the zodiac animals on it. (This year is the year of the pig, if you're wondering about the plastic pigs on the table.)

My first thought was to embroider a table runner with all the animals on it, but there were very few embroidery patterns for the lunar new year. My second thought was to look for fabric. I found this on Spoonflower, and though it was pricey, I only needed a yard so it was manageable. It arrived yesterday which is why I was doing panicked sewing at 3 o'clock today.

For dinner we made homemade steamed buns... banh bao or baozi depending on your country of birth. I started them, but J. finished them. It was a group effort.

At the end of the meal we even passed out red envelopes... hongbao or li xi... with some money to each of the children. It was declared the best new year's ever. I think the cash had something to do with it.

So, chúc mừng năm mới or 新年快乐


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