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I have found your perspective changes when you move from city to country. In the city, when walking around, you might have to skirt a low part of the sidewalk that has filled with water. Other than this nuisance, you can pretty much walk around without fear of ruining shoes. In the country, I have discovered, there is a constant and intractable battle against mud. There is mud everywhere. And when your driveway is just gravel... gravel which has not been replaced for years and years with many bare spots... then mud becomes a real difficulty. Parking vehicles, getting out of the vehicles, getting back into the vehicles, and most importantly, getting the vehicles back out again becomes an everyday concern.

Our driveway was more mud than gravel. Our parking area had become a mud bog which threatened to actually swallow the cars, forget about trying to drive them away. Muck boots or rain boots were required just for walking around. It was bad. B. A. D. bad.

So bad that when a man came knocking at our door saying that his company could fix our evidently mud filled driveway at a decent price, we agreed. We were so desperate that we didn't even worry about doing the responsible things of getting recommendations and such, we just scheduled the work. While normally this is not the way to do things, it turned out pretty darn well for us. It was a great price, and they did a fantastic job. Take a look:

No mud! It looks nice. We can park all of our cars in the parking area. We can invite people over without worrying about where they will park. Every driver in the house is absolutely thrilled to have new gravel. And since the winds were so high today that the barn builders could not install the roof trusses, it still felt as though we were making progress.


Blaine Curry said…
Well I'm really happy about that. I can come visit and leave without a couple of pounds of mud.
Kelly said…
I grew up on a farm with a gravel driveway. We had new gravel put down every couple of years. It was always so nice to have fresh gravel. And it looks so nice at white, too. :)

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