In search of yellow fever

Well, not really in search of the disease, more in search of the yellow fever vaccine. Because of where Class Afloat travels, proof of a yellow fever vaccine is required of all participants. We didn't start searching it out sooner because it didn't seem necessary. We had plenty of time to get P. in some where that does travel vaccinations and get the shot.

Except, that there seems to be a country-wide shortage of yellow fever vaccine. In fact, there are no doses of the primary vaccine that is used, and the secondary vaccine is in very short supply. It looks as though we will be driving about an hour to one of the very few places in the area which still does have the vaccine.

This also leads to vaguely disturbing conversations with the pharmacist as I was trying to track it down, leading me to say things such as, "So, you don't have yellow fever, but do you have any typhoid. We're also looking for typhoid." Happily, they pharmacist did have an extra dose of the typhoid vaccine. Someone had ordered it and then never picked it up.

Ten more days...


Jennifer said…
I'll admit my ignorance and say that I was wondering if there was a huge yellow fever outbreak in my country and I didn't know it... but now it makes sense that it starts in Canada and goes around the world. Best of luck to P! I hope she'll keep us posted on her adventures!!
thecurryseven said…

I admit to laughing a little bit. P. actually won't ever set foot in Canada. She'll be in the Caribbean, then across the Atlantic to Portugal and up to Northern Europe. She graduates off the ship in May in Amsterdam.


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