Friday bullets, Jan. 4, 2019

Usually I'm thrilled that it's Friday, except for today. This is mainly because it means that we go back to our usual school schedule and lazy days and leisurely  mornings will be coming to an end.

  • My lethargy could also be because R. has been, um, not at her best this week. This means that she is not sleeping. I don't know how she is still standing, in fact. J. and I (J. in particular) are pretty wiped out. 
  • The barn is starting to be built! They started putting it up yesterday, and here is where it was in the middle of the day today.
By the end of today it was looking even more like a structure, but I didn't get a picture before the sun went down. I am beyond excited because soon we will be able to bring Emmy home.

  • While the people are thrilled to see the barn going up, the poultry is not. They have been constricted to quarters when the construction is going on for any number of reasons, mostly involving safety. That doesn't mean the chickens and ducks like it. Here are some pictures of some highly annoyed animals that I wasn't letting them out of the pen.

  • Spurred on in part by the construction going on outside, K. has been building inside with his new stash of paper and tape. He's built a house, complete with shingles,

a helicopter,

and a giraffe.

His name is Bob. I know this because it is written on his back.
  • It's supposed to be near 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow. It's the beginning of January. It's crazy. We'll enjoy it, but it's crazy, and will it will make the inevitable sub-zero temps that much harder to bear.
  • I'm in the middle of making a new table runner for winter. It's not close enough to being done to show it to you yet, though.
  • L. has decided it is safest to always have a book with her whenever we go somewhere.
  • Finally, I have a new Olive picture to share with you. It has gone a little viral on Olive's Instagram account I am told... or maybe it's the Great Dane group. One of those. She's a funny dog.


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