Back to the schedule

We survived our first day back at our usual school work after a long break. It wasn't nearly as dreadful as I was imagining it to be. We all survived... even me, who definitely was NOT looking forward to having a more intensive schedule again. I've enjoyed the children playing and being able to pursue all sorts of things that strike my fancy. I feel a bit rebellious about other constraints on my time.

Consequently, I spent some time this afternoon writing down things I would like to have time for, and then taking a look at our current schedule. While I know I can be a little more purposeful about how I spend my time, no matter how I move things around, there is just not a lot of wiggle room. The only thing I can figure out is to get up earlier and make better use of the hours before we start school around 9 am. I have tried doing this for many, many years, and it has not proven terribly successful. I suppose I could try again. I would dearly love a couple more hours in my day.

I admit to even having fantasies of becoming a radical unschooler as I sat staring at my schedule. It would be fine for some of my people, but it would be an absolute train wreck for others, so that option is off the table.

So, thanks for coming to my little pity party. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I should be back to my usual self once we get back into our groove.


Carla said…
I love your comment about the differences in your children and what they need to learn. So often I hear homeschooling opinions expressed in a way that indicates theirs is the only right way to do this. After a few moments (or more) of guilt, I need to remind myself that no one else has my son and he needs certain things that most other children don't.

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