Costumes 2018

This was a pretty easy year, costume-wise, but as I looked at the younger group, I realized I had sewn five out of the six costumes. All with no last minute sewing panic, as young children loitered around, asking when they could get dressed to go begging for candy. Go me! Keeping previous years' costumes pays off.

Of course there were pumpkins.

And the completed faces.

Gomez also got to play. He loves being let out of the crawl space, and allowed to sit out on the front porch for a while.

He's starting to be a little worse for wear, since it seems one of his arms has fallen off. Some child decided to be creative. Yes, that is Gomez, stabbing himself with a sword, using his own arm.

And now, on to the costumes. We had one princess, three elves, a civil war officer, and a lumberjack.

Y., G., and L. were all elves, because of having spent all summer listening to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've been working on these cloaks for several months. Cloaks, mind you, because they have hoods. They are not capes. If you make a mistake, L. will most definitely correct you. Y. is in blue, G. is in brown, and L. is in green.

R. was a princess... for the third year in a row. I think in the same dress, too. She loves it. It makes her happy. It still (sort of) fits. Who am I to mess up a good thing? (J. was trying to get her to do a princess wave, if you are wondering what on earth is going on with her arm.)

H. was a lumberjack. I didn't think H. was interested in dressing up this year, and being 16, I wasn't going to push it. This was true up until three minutes before everyone was going to walk out the door. This three minute costume was J.'s brain child.

K. kept changing what he was going to be, up until the morning. He finally settled on a Civil War officer. This was a costume already in the collection, since I had made it for B. years ago.

Candy was collected, and overly sugared and tired children are in bed. The three cloaks, we will continue to see for quite some time, I'm sure.


Blaine Curry said…
Aw my civil war costume... Good times
Also I like the elf faces used for posing for the camera

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