I don't like to be busy, and the past couple of days have been busy. I've driven to Iowa, had lunch with my brother and his family, then my mother continued on with them, and we drove home. We were home for about ten minutes, and then it was time to leave for our Wednesday night activities. (That would be mid-week programs for G., L., K., and Y., and women's Bible study for me.) This morning I had already planned on taking care of the apples, so with the help of some children, we processed the bushel we bought last weekend... we now have sauce in jars, apples for pies in the freezer, and a dehydrator full of apples currently drying.

It seemed to be the day to catch-up on food related things. As well as the bushel of apples, I started a new batch of kombucha. I let the last one get to cold, and it developed mold. This process seems to be a vaguely steep learning curve.

And then there was the freeze warning we have for tonight. I still had a lot of things growing in the garden that are not cold hardy. This explains the hour I spent gathering everything up... green tomatoes, lettuce, chard, green onions, squash, basil, and cardoon. I guess I'm finally going to have to actually take a deep breath, and figure out what to do with that last one. Anyway, it was a lot. Four half bushel baskets, plus six of the crazy long gourds.

Ironically, we are not overly fond of the prolific gourd. It's not bad, it's just... bland. I guess I have six more opportunities for figuring a way to fix it that we will actually enjoy rather than just eating because it's there.

I cooked all the chard tonight, but everything else is going to have to wait until morning. I have no energy left.


Blaine Curry said…
This post reminded me that we forgot eggs and apples again

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