Dinner in India

This dinner tonight was a bit of a departure from what we usually do, which involves me trying to recreate a meal from another country myself. This time, I decided that we needed to go out to eat. We could try a larger variety of food, and my mom is in town, so it would be a fun activity. Even better, everyone had tonight free on their calendar, and could make it. (This rarely happens anymore.) B. even drove out from the city to see his grandmother another time, and join us for food.

It was very good food, and there was literally nothing left when we were done. There was a street fair earlier that day, so parking was tricky, but it also meant that it was a slow night. We were the only customers in the restaurant. I'm actually kind of glad we made the reservation, because they might have decided to close early. The servers were very nice, but there were moments, with being the sole patrons, that the level of attention made many of us feel a little as though we were doing an odd recreation of the restaurant scene from the end of the A Christmas Story. It took multiple conversations to convince them that we really were just one family, and not some kind of organization. On the other hand, I didn't worry about having to ask my normally raucous dinner crowd to tone it down for fear of disturbing other diners. D. has now declared Indian food to be his favorite cuisine.

Note the Dutch Blitz game going on. My younger children have learned to bring things to entertain themselves.

We ate a lot of naan.

And the group picture taken by one of our waiters.


Blaine Curry said…
I'm so glad they got everyone in that group pic

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