Picnic in the park

Today we packed a lunch and met up with some friends at a nearby park.

This is the same forest preserve we visited for the first time this past spring, that is just 15 minutes from our house. It wasn't crowded at all then, but I thought because it was summer we might see a few more people around this visit.

But I supposed wrong. Those in that photo are all our group.

I can tell I've lived in a very high density urban area for a very long time, because even a year later, this still astounds me.

Beautiful park areas, a wide, shallow river to play in...

and it's virtually empty. I know it was a weekday, but the vast majority of schools around here have not yet started.

I'm certainly not complaining. It was a lovely, relaxed day. I just find it so gosh darn surprising.

This was also a beginning of a series of last hurrahs for us, as far as having J. being able to accompany us on our weekday outings. This morning he accepted a new position at a community college not too far from use, and will begin his new job at the end of the month. He thinks it will be a position he will enjoy, and comes with a salary/benefits package that we're pretty sure will work for our family. Well... as much as anything of that sort really works. We are relieved, but also a little sad to having the unfettered free time come to an end.


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