Cat houses

When you check this book out of the library:

You end up with children using every available piece of cardboard in the house to make cat lodgings.

And you end up with many cardboard cat abodes.

There is also much rejoicing when the cats actually use the houses created for them.

Midnight is in there somewhere.

This scene greeted everyone this morning. Can you find both cats?

You can only really make out Midnight by finding one of his eyes.


Unknown said…
Oh my gosh! We just got this book. We don't have a cat. Yet. I just found your article on and then your blog. I might become a regular. My twin 8 year old girls are from China and I have a four year old bio boy.
Requesting from our library. I wish I'd seen this a few weeks ago. We were fostering kittens for SPCA. They loved the one box I had in there. My kids would have had a blast making them structures! The last 3 kittens left yesterday. Sigh. One of my boys is campaigning for a gray kitten of our own, though, so I feel like we have another cat in our future.

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