The zoo has arrived

Yesterday, J. drove into the city, helped M. load up a vast amount of animals and a few possessions, and brought them all out here. For the next two years, M. and animals will be living here. Well, at least on the property.

This has been a year in the planning. M. had decided a new life path needed to be forged, so has decided to go back to school to get a vet. tech. degree. In preparation, money has been saved, a trailer bought, moved, and gutted, and a job resignation turned in. This month will see a great amount of work on the gutted trailer. M. would really like to be living in it by the end of summer. In the meantime, The third floor crew is playing host to M. and several animals.

Want to see the zoo that arrived yesterday before dinner?

Downstairs, we have a tank with Secunda, the long-lived African clawed frog, who is probably around 15 years old now. This is not Secunda's first time to move home.

Also downstairs is a tank with guppies and snails.

Upstairs on the third floor is a very large tank with two gerbils. Midnight is finding them fascinating.

Then there are several tanks whose inhabitants didn't want to make an appearance for a picture.

There's an American toad in there somewhere.

The tank on the left has goldfish and the tank on the right has a fire-bellied toad.

That super large tank on the right...

that would be Geb, M.'s ball python.

And then there is poor Amun-ra, who is not happy about this change of accommodations. All the poor thing has done is hiss at people. I'm sure he will settle down eventually. Midnight doesn't seem to mind the addition of another cat, but Midnight doesn't seem to mind about anything. I think we'll hold off on introducing Nefertiti, our own hissing cat until Amun has settled a bit more.

Life upstairs seems a little topsy-turvy at the moment, but I imagine that those four will get everything sorted out. 

We are kind of excited to have M. home for a while, and the younger people are thrilled beyond words. I'm also looking forward to watching the transformation of that trailer into something livable. And truly, who doesn't need a vet tech in the family, especially if they have a bunch of animals?


Donna said…
Welcome home, M! The only member of the family we havent met yet.
The transformation of the trailer may provide some good blogging. And vet tech seems just right, likely specializing in exotics!

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