Garden update

As I mentioned last Friday, the garden is booming. I still have moments of just standing and staring at it, because I find the whole thing so surprising. I thought you might like to see some pictures.

Look at all my tomato plants!

And cucumbers

If you look carefully, you can see some very large hot peppers on this plant.

This odd plant is called a cardoon, and its presence in the garden is due solely to staring too long at seed catalogs in the dead of winter. It seems you eat the stalks, after more than a little bit of labor. I'm sure I will let you know how this little experiment goes.

See that squash growing up the side of the dead tree? This is another too-much-seed-catalog purchase. This is an edible gourd, which I'm told can be used like zucchini. The cool thing is that the gourds grow very long and look like snakes. I picture them hanging down from the dead branches of this tree. It sounds pretty cool in theory, huh?

The garden from the other side.

This is the other, smaller, garden with the squash and melons. There are zucchini, patty-pan squash, pie pumpkins, butternut squash, and two varieties of cantaloupe. I'm just now starting to see flowers beginning to grow, so it will be a while yet before we start to see fruit. 


Donna said…
WOW! That's a lot of garden. I hope you have some helpers.

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