Friday bullets, July 6, 2018

And just like that, it's the end of the week and the middle of July. I need summer to slow down just a little bit.

  • These flowers were a gift from friends when they came over for dinner a while back.

TM has named them "Rainbow Bunny Tails". I have no idea what their official name is, but I love Rainbow Bunny Tails so much, that it is what they shall forever be known as.
  • The garden is doing really well. I have completely weeded it, and reseeded some things that needed it, but for the most part, everything is growing well. We had baby bok choy from the garden, and I've picked a couple of cucumbers already, with many more on the way. This is good, because I plan on making quarts and quarts of dill pickles, since my family can eat their weight in the things. The 24 tomato plants are starting to set fruit, and I cannot wait for fresh tomatoes. 
  • L. will still not sit on the cushions on the dining room chairs. 
  • We had adult children and adult children's friends over for the 4th this past week. Q. was a huge hit, and enjoyed all the petting and attention very much.
  • We took all the younger people to see Incredibles 2 earlier this week. I really liked it. One of the favorite scenes from among the younger people was where Mr. Incredible is reading to JackJack and keeps falling asleep. I could hear the entire row of my children busting a gut, since they have first hand experience with this phenomenon. I am really glad that JackJack is not my son. 
  • J. and I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time these days talking about chickens.
  • Chickadee appears to be healthy again and is out of the kitchen. None of the other chickens seem to have caught whatever she briefly had. Thank goodness!
  • The roosters... the roosters are being so terribly rooster-ish. Rooster (whose full name now seems to be Bertie (or Birdie) Rooster, which is a play on words for Bertie Wooster, the PG Wodehouse character) has taken to occasionally pecking out a beak full of tail feathers from a passing hen, causing the hen to squawk and run away. Fluffy also does this, but every time Fluffy goes after a hen, Rooster goes after Fluffy. It's a little three ring circus-ish in the back yard.
  • The ducks just do their thing. Their thing being staying together in a clump, ignoring the chickens, and finding as much water as possible to play in. Today, I found most of the ducks sound asleep, floating in their wading pool in the rain.
  • I've been slowly doling out my Inspector Gamache books to make them last as long as possible. I'm now deep into one now. They are so good.
  • Still no eggs from the poultry yet. Next week is week 18, and we should start seeing eggs. I have approximately 3894 egg cartons precariously balanced on top of my refrigerator all ready for a large influx of eggs.
  • J. has finished painting both the shed and the chicken coop. They look great. The playhouse is next, but will need some repair work done, so is a bigger job than just painting.
  • I've been to three grocery stores this week. The first for my regular shopping trip, and the other two for stocking up on things I have to make a special trip for. It drives me a little nuts that there isn't an Asian grocery store closer than 30 minutes from my house.
  • Amun (M.'s cat) is settling in, and has stopped hissing at everyone and everything. He has even sort of accepted Midnight. We're not sure Midnight has noticed Amun, though, because Midnight just cannot get enough of watching the gerbils.
And that's about it. Enjoy your weekend!


Jayview said…
Aren’t the Inspector Gamache books wonderful! Though perhaps half my affection is for Three Pines. We made a trip here in eastern Australia recently and found a cafe in NSW southern highlands that had the feel of Oliver’s bistro. And then we stayed in a little settlement called Seal Rocks that did have three Pines (though not grouped’ (Some photos on
Donna said…
Which book should I read? I can only afford one (a couple are 7.99 and the rest are 9.99) I actually can't afford any but have decided that reading is really important to me and I am going to budget a small amount each month for it. Well, I guess I just decided that. :)
thecurryseven said…

You really need to read the Inspector Gamache books in order, so start with the first one. It's Still Life, I believe.


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