Writer's block

Some days I just don't know what to write. Help me out, here. Unless you really enjoy endless posts about how many jars of jelly or jam, I need some new ideas to have handy when nothing else presents itself.

The jam/jelly total for today... 2 pints of strawberry jam, and 2 pints of mulberry jelly. Actually I think it's more of a mulberry syrup. It would seems mulberries do not have a whole lot of natural pectin, so I will add some to the next batch. It tastes good, though.

See? Save yourselves by providing content ideas!

To make up for a lack of content, I'll share a completely random picture. Ducks in a row, thinking they should get to come inside the house. I seem to spend my day keeping birds out and cats in the house.


Carla said…
As I am also in the thick of dealing with strawberries, it's nice to have some company.

You can always give a progress update on your garden (with pictures, of course). If you care to show some weeds in there, I'll feel much better about mine... =)

Do your kids like the zip line or has it lost its luster? We're considering getting one, so would love some input on it.

Barn? Horses? Olive? Messy house reality? How much canning do you do in a year?

Otherwise, I love just your tidbits of family life.
Alicia Mae said…
Have you read any new books/research on brains/learning? I love your brain posts! :)

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