Let's go fly a kite

It's just like the movie, huh? Mary Poppins that is, at the end. Flying kites all together.

You don't know the half of it. Do you remember that scene and what led up to it? How Mr. Banks lost his job at the bank and had so much more time to spend with his children? That part? Well, these picture more accurately reflect the movie than you know. 

Earlier this week, J. was informed at work that his position had been eliminated. Yes, that was my reaction, too. The good news is that he was given an exceedingly generous compensation package, so we are very okay for the time being. (Check back in with my in November, and we'll see how okay I am.) The other plus of all of this is that his job was exceedingly stressful, and I am so relieved for him that he doesn't carry that burden with him every moment of every day. It's just a kind of rotten way to not have that burden, though.

We are choosing to look at this unexpected news as a gift. Time to spend together. Time for J. to really figure out what would be a good next move. Time to work on some things around our little farm that had to take the back seat. We have been given the unexpected gift of time, and we plan on taking full advantage of that. 

When we moved out here for this job just a year ago, every single thing felt so orchestrated by God. We have a house that we could afford which fits us perfectly. We have begun to make good friends. We have found a church that we love and which loves and proclaims Jesus. There is so much good that came out of the upheaval of last year's move. We cling to the belief that God knew what He was doing and has a plan for moving us out here. We just need to be patient and see that what new thing is.

One thing is certain, life is never dull and always an adventure here.

In the meantime, if you know of a job that could make use of J.'s phenomenal communication skills, both written and in front of of people, his exceptional intelligence, and some amazing abilities at dealing with people (I think he would be an exceptional United Nations negotiator, he's that unflappable and calm), then please don't hesitate to let us know. We have no idea if the next step involves academia or not. The possibilities seem pretty wide open at the moment.

So, we'll wait and see what happens. We also wouldn't turn down prayers, either.
In less breath-taking news, I have a new article published. Please feel free to click and share early and often. Our Adoption Story: The Rescuer and the Rescued


Jennifer said…
I'm so sorry.
Molly said…
Wow! I will be praying that God opens up the new door quickly.

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