A dull post about canning strawberries

This post is a bit late today. I spoke at a class for social workers this morning about international adoption and our real life experiences, then I had to force myself to sit down and pay the bills. You all know how much I love that. But yesterday...

I managed to process about 40 quarts of strawberries. I made and canned 2 1/2 pints of jam, froze nearly two gallon size freezer bags full, and dehydrated eight trays. I'm getting there. The frozen strawberries will eventually be made into jam, and I do have another 8 cups sitting in sugar for me to can tomorrow. The year I made enough jam and things to last through the entire year was heavenly, and I would love to do that again.

The many mulberry trees we have around here are all ripening, so I think I may try to make mulberry jelly. I hate to see so much fruit just go to waste, especially if its free! Of course, we discovered tonight that the chickens are extremely fond of mulberries. Extremely. And let's just say, you don't know about messy chickens until you have lived with 21 chickens who have been gorging themselves on mulberries.
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