What happened to the day?

One moment, it's 10:45 and I am making a shopping list, and the next moment it's after 6 o'clock, and other than doing two and half hours of hunting and gathering, I'm not quite sure where the day went. I hate that. It was also a very expensive two and half hours of hunting and gathering. None of it was frivolous, either. Children have this tendency to grow, and some items that they desperately needed are also not things easily found second hand. Bleh. So other than mild kvetching about the cost of living, I don't have much to say. Instead, I will just bombard you with links and stuff.

First, I had two articles published in the past couple of days. I'm afraid that at least one of them has gotten lost in the holiday weekend, and it could use a little social media love. (This is especially true since I got my stats back for March, and my article was at the very bottom. I've never been at the very bottom! It's a piddly pay check at the very bottom. Humph!) Anyway... the first is:

Regression: The Many Ages of My Children

and the second is:

Why Should I Even Care About the Language of the Adoption Community? Aren't We Going Overboard?

Next, P.'s Go Fund Me page continues to slowly build, which would be great if all the money were due in November. That's when the balance is due. The hefty... very hefty... deposit is due next week. We are working on ways to make this happen, but a week is a very short period of time to work with. Please, could you find a few extra dollars in your budget this month and help a little bit? We'd all greatly appreciate it.

Phoebe Curry Go Fund Me

And in case you missed the whole story behind all this, Doing Some Mom Bragging and Begging, will answer your questions.

Finally, after a somewhat unusual amount of self-promotion, which I really do try to avoid as much as possible, I'll share a cute picture with you as a reward for sticking around to the end. G. has been wanting her hair trimmed for a long time. I keep meaning to get around to it, but well, you know how that goes. A. was home, and offered to do the honors.

Pretty cute, huh? It makes her look a little bit older. L. did not want to have her hair cut, though she is the one who dislikes combing tangles the most. I also checked that it was okay that they didn't share the same hair style anymore. They were both fine with that. So now, for those of you who have a little difficulty telling them apart, G. is the one with the shorted hair.


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