We celebrated another birthday

Yesterday was R.'s birthday and she turned 13... at least chronologically. This makes her the fifth teen in the house. She enjoyed her day, I think. We told her the day before that her birthday was the next day. As you can imagine, she was extremely excited. She also peppered us with questions and comments, averaging about one every two minutes or so, for the rest of the day.

This year she had the whole birthday-thing figured out. She knew she got donuts in the morning for breakfast. Chocolate donuts were specifically mentioned. For dinner she wanted Chinese food. And for dessert, a chocolate cake with flowers on it. I asked her if she wanted me to make one or buy it at the store, and without hesitation she picked store. So that is what we did.

This year she managed to blow out her candles on her own.

This was a little baby doll seat that mounts on her bicycle so she can ride her bike and tote her baby doll along. 

I took this right before she let out an ear piercing squeal. This was because she discovered t-shirts with some of her favorite animals on them. The girl does like clothes.

Looking at the card from Grammy... Y. and L. were reading it to her. They've been reading for a bit now, but it still surprises me.

Thank you, Grammy!

R. also got two new books, which they are all looking at together. They are Press Here and Mix It Up!  They are ingenious books where the child is instructed to do certain things on a page, and when the page is turned, something has changed. They also happen to be right at R.'s developmental level, and she enjoyed them. You can see all the people who were helping her with her new books. It is kind of fun to see what the next page is going to bring.

We now have a brief lull in birthdays for the rest of the month, and then June hits with six birthdays and one anniversary.


Kristin Mueller said…
We love the book Press Here! Lots of fun. And the doll bicycle seat is such a fun idea. Happy birthday R!

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