Unpleasant jobs

There is one job that I dislike more than any other, yet it is vital to the functioning of the household. It's not laundry... it's not cooking... it's not grocery shopping... it's not even dusting or emptying litter boxes. No, it's the paperwork and bill paying. If I had the option of hiring out one household task to someone else, it would be to hire an accountant/secretary to do all the paperwork. Doesn't that sound blissful? I could happily just hand over the bills and receipts and registration papers and insurance stuff and never have to think about it. Ahhh....

Sadly, I do not have a personal accountant/secretary, and it is too bad. Today I spent nearly the entire day organizing checkbooks, paying bills, and moving paper off my desk. It feels good to have it all sorted out, but I know it won't last. There are just so many other things I would rather think about and spend time on.

So tell me, if you had the chance to permanently hire out one household job, which would you pick?
A day of finances also reminds me of how much we are not able to fully fund the program P. was accepted to. Please, I so desperately want this for her. Won't you please consider donating just a little bit to her Go Fund Me page? Thank you!

The story of P.'s gap year program

Phoebe Curry Go Fund Me


Tanya said…
Cleaning. All of it.
Carla said…
Although I really dislike cleaning, I would rather do that than sort/switch out seasons and sizes of my children's clothes. I think what I dislike is the packing up and storing of it as well. As my last two (a girl and a boy) outgrow, I need to pass them along to someone else and maybe that will help motivate me to do it.
Maria said…
Making dinner and the clean up. Can't we just have cereal? I'm tired and have no ambition to make a nice, healthy dinner. I just want to sit down by then.
Molly said…
I would happily cook, clean, dust and whatnot all day long compared to bill paying and paperwork! I am with you!
Rusulica said…
Food shopping! I feel I loose so much time, and have to haul it all back home on a bike (I don't own a car). I even dislike going to the (open air) farmer's market, which is open every day here in Croatia. I may have to look into a chain supermarket groceries delivery service, but the produce is not that good there.
Anonymous said…
Cleaning after dinner/cleaning the kitchen! I have a tiny galley kitchen. When I've been pregnant, I (and the baby in my belly) am (are) the only person(s) who can fit in the kitchen. It is maddening especially since I LOVE cooking. But the clean-up gives me anxiety. I have essentially 1 sq foot of usable counter space. I HATE CLEANING OUR KITCHEN.

I actually kind of like paying the bills and doing paperwork :). It's less messy.


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