Spring surprises

This is our first spring in the this house, so we are still discovering things, such as what is coming up in the garden. It's kind of fun to see what spring flowers are here. I've been a little preoccupied with getting the flower beds all cleared out and neatened up. The long bed along the drive is... long. After many days of working on it, I'm still just about half way done. It feels a little never ending. But there are some pretty flowers that have come up. (Photo credits to TM.)

We have a lot of peonies. If I don't get them all staked with cages soon, it will be too late.

The trouble with cleaning up a garden you've never seen in the spring is that you don't know what is coming up. I very nearly did away with this huge area of grape hyacinths in my fervor to rid the garden of unwanted grass. Thankfully, just in time, I notice the little tiny flowers starting. They are all blooming brilliantly now.

Who can tell me what this bush is? I am absolutely in love with it. It is covered with pink flowers that look very rose like, but they are not roses. It does need a good trimming to clear out old and dead wood after it blooms.


Rusulica said…
It must be fun, getting surprise flowers! I love garden work, but I get to do it only when I visit my grandpa, since I live in a flat in the city. Maybe that's why I like it so much. If I were closer, I'd offer to come and help you with the driveway beds. May I ask, what is the name of the delicate yellow flower? It's beautiful.
Thank you for writing, as I came to know a bit about your beautiful kids and family, I feel like a distant European aunt :). I really love reading about your adventures, from dissecting frogs to keeping chickens in the kitchen :).
Sana from Croatia
thecurryseven said…

Those yellow flowers are tulips, which are some of my very favorite flowers, so I'm thrilled we have so many.

And I love having a distant European aunt!

Maria said…
I think the pink shrub is a flowering almond. So pretty!

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