Olive at 11 months old

A. tells me that I should do another post about Olive since she is now 11 months old. Olive, not A., that is. Olive got weighed at the vet today, and she is now 92 pounds. That's a lot of dog. What's crazier is that she is actually small for a Great Dane. Want to see?

Here is little, tiny Olive.

Then, for comparison's sake, a picture of Olive in the same chair. Well, sort of in the same chair. It's a tight squeeze.

A. likes to take pictures of Olive, so I have a few more.

She is gradually getting less puppy-ish. She would still really, really like to play with Kenzie all the time. Kenzie would really, really like to not play with Olive. Olive would still really, really like to put Midnight in her mouth. Midnight still doesn't not enjoy that. Olive gives Nefertiti a wide berth. It can be hard being a giant puppy when the other animals in the house don't appreciate your puppy-ness.


Dee Drain said…
That was sweet.

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