"I don't know what to do!"

I can't think of a parent who hasn't heard these words. I know I have. And since I am also always on the lookout for blog fodder, it only takes one request to get me to write a post. In this case, the question was asking about our What to do binder. It's officially names the "I don't know what to do!" book. See?

It's pretty much a large binder that I filled with instructions for all sorts of activities. I came up with it as a way to store all the interesting ideas I came across, because I am an information hoarder. It also meant that my children could flip through it to find ideas to occupy themselves. As wonderful as Pinterest is for keeping track of good ideas, it is not so great for children to browse through.

Inside of pages and pages of ideas from magazines that I have saved over the years, sorted into sections.

There's general craft ideas...

activities sorted by season...

cooking ideas, party ideas, costumes, and science experiments.

We go through seasons of children using it. More often than not, they just like to flip through it, looking at the ideas and pictures. Sometimes they will actually try something they found in the book, but often than not, seeing all those ideas puts another, completely different idea into a child's head, and they will go off and do that.

This is exactly what happened with G. and L. after they sat and looked through, after I had gotten it out to take some pictures. In the background are P. and D. who have decided to work through all the logic puzzle books I have. This is also why I have difficulty answering the question, "Are you on summer break?" Yes... no... I don't know. What do you say when you are technically on summer break, but P. and D. have spent the day doing math and logic puzzles, K. has been writing a newspaper, and various other children have been playing board games?
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated. We are getting down to the wire (June 4) before we have to overnight a giant check. Every little bit helps!

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