Friday bullets - May 25, 2018

I could probably just title this the gardening edition. You'll see what I mean.

  • First, A. took this picture of G. I thought it was cute, so I'm sharing it with you.
  • I went to a huge rummage sale today. It was huge both in terms of items for sale, and in the amount of people who were there shopping. I was really glad I hadn't brought everyone with me, as it was difficult enough to walk through myself. I will admit to doing more than a little deep breathing at the same time, because it was a little claustrophia inducing. But, I ended up getting 28 items of clothing for five children for a whopping $14 dollars. I'm willing to take a few extra breaths for that.
  • For older adopted children from hard places, receiving gifts, even in the form of rummage sale clothing can be difficult. This is especially true if you have expressive language issues and are a teen. I'll have to wait a while to see if the clothes I brought home actually do work or if they are as hated and despised as much as they appear to be right now. 
  • In chicken news, we are starting to think that out of our 21 chickens, two might be roosters. It's a good thing we don't live in an urban area any longer. One, who is named Rooster, has always been a bit bigger than the rest, and is not really a surprise. 

The other potential rooster, is Fluffy. Fluffy is so named because when a little chick, it was the cutest and fluffiest and most beloved of all. And then it grew to be our most oddly colored chicken, and not so beloved. That was mainly because Fluffy was not the nicest or friendliest chicken in the flock. And then, this morning, J. is pretty sure that he saw spurs starting to grow on Fluffy's legs. That would explain a lot of Fluffy's behavior.

  • And because you probably can't wait for every chicken detail, here is Chickadee, so named because as a chick she had a black head unlike all the other chicks with white heads. We discovered that is because Chickadee is not a barred rock hen. Our best guess is that she is a black australorp. Anyway, she is all black, and her feathers are iridescent green in the sunlight. You won't get to see that, though, because the chickens all like to spend the hot part of the day under the bushes.
  • The children do not spend the hot part of the day under the bushes, they spend it with the hose, spraying water on each other, while they jump on the trampoline.
  • My seedlings are all planted AND are all still alive. Do you have any idea how momentous this is?
  • I have also very nearly finished (finally!!) clearing out the long flower bed along the drive. 

I think it is looking a lot better. If you want a comparison, look at this post from right after we moved last year, for a picture of the same garden.
  • Anyone in the area want a free hot tub? It's yours! All you have to do is haul it away. ... please?
  • I have written three articles today. That would be one that is a couple of days late, one that is due today, and one that is due tomorrow. That's over 3000 words. I wish I was writing when Dickens did, so I could get paid by the word, too.
  • The peonies are getting very close to blooming. We just missed them last year when we moved.
  • Here is the flower bed across the front of the house. It's next on the flower gardening list after I finish the long bed. It's a little overgrown.
  • Finally, my front porch turns out to be the perfect place to grow fuchsias, which are one of my very favorite flowers.
  • And I can't hit publish until I remind you to visit and donate and share P.'s Go fund me page. As we talk about visas and countries, I can tell she desperately wants to be able to do it, but is hedging her emotions a bit to not be too disappointed if it doesn't work. If enough people could donate a small amount, then the remainder would be a number that we could possible cover. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Anonymous said…
My comment has nothing to do with this immediate post, but since it's the latest I figured I'd respond to it. . .

I love what you write and how you write it.

I am saved by Christ, a newbie homeschooling mom who lives in E-town, and I find SO MUCH encouragement (on so many fronts) when you share your heart and life on this blog. There is so much more I could say, but it would be a post in itself, so I will keep it brief: Thank you :). And please keep doing what you're doing!


Maria said…
I was at that sale, too! Great deals!

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