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While I've been working around the house trying to get caught up on things such as laundry, the masses were busy at work. L. was looking in our "What to do?" binder (have I ever blogged about that?), and saw a page with the idea of creating a family newspaper. She was all over it. We had some extra large newsprint sheets, which were then turned into the newspaper. L. was pleased at having the accurate materials. I'll show you a photograph of it. I want you to do know I paid 3 cents to obtain this copy.

Since L.'s writing is particularly inventive in this endeavor (when she did write, that is, and didn't just scribble to fill up space), I'll translate some of the more exciting news. The name of the paper is Family Times, and on the front page, we are informed that thieves are on the loose, and that police are actively looking for Mr. Jones and Nefertiti, his accomplice.

Inside, we learn more about the thieves. Mr. Jones wears a tuxedo and carries a gun. Fat Cat, aka Nefertiti, is "armed with pompoms," a reference, no doubt to the fact that her previous owners had her declawed. We also learn that Fat Cat is accused of burning down the capitol of the USA.

In less dire news, a small item tells us that a hummingbird was sighted at the hummingbird feeder... which is true.

Page 3 lists houses that are for sale.

Buried on the back page is the announcement that "Lava sweeps Hawaii!!!" There is also a drawing of the exploding volcano. Also buried on page 4 is the picture of a grave with the small notice that, "President dies by gun shot."

I think we need to talk about where and why newspapers put their news.

As is usual, L. is the Pied Piper of projects, and what she dreams up, the others join in. There have been other newspapers being worked on, but it seems none has been completed enough to warrant being sold. This surprises me. I would think that more newspapers are not being hawked for money.


Carla said…
Love this!

Please share what is in your "what to do" binder!

Love it! Have you read The Landry News by Andrew Clements? It would fit right in! I'm a big fan of that book.

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